By scanning the banknote with the Smill app, it is possible to save a personal message, pictures or videos on it.

Giving banknotes a new lease of life

The technological evolution has never ceased to amaze us with the development of new solutions or gadgets each one crazier than the last. Banknotes, for example, serve as a recognised form of payment all around the globe - they are safe and accessible to everyone. So what if you can give your banknotes a whole new purpose than just a means of payment.

Technology & Innovation
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At a time of fancy technology, giving a banknote on a birthday, Christmas, wedding or any other occasion may seem old fashioned. And many people have also been in the situation where someone else had taken over your own amount after a pizza party and you wanted to pay them back later.

Why not get a little more joy out of these everyday situations? With the new SmillTM app, users can make banknotes more interactive and send their loved ones a special message on various occasions. SmillTM can replace a traditional greeting card when giving or returning money to someone. By simply scanning the banknote, the mobile application allows the user to integrate images, videos or even a voice message in addition to the message. In order for the Smill to be read, the person receiving the banknote must also scan it with the app. She can even give a reply using the same functions.

The application provides the option between public and private messages when creating a SmillTM:

  • Public Smill: The message travels with the banknote and connects the creator to many other people. Anyone holding the banknote in his or her hands can read the story or joke.
  • Private Smill: Only the person who receives the banknote can read a private message. This keeps the personal content hidden from the public.

In all cases, no user profile is required to use the app, and content is created without asking for
personal data. SmillTM is currently working with all euro banknotes and is available on IOS and Android. The mobile app is also compatible with the Laika series specimen.

Another idea could be to use SmillTM as a way to promote new series of banknotes in an innovative manner by launching a lottery or introducing a game in the app for example. The possibilities are endless!